Display Ad Serving

Companie Online provides an advanced technology platform for advertisers, publishers, and ad networks to serve, manage, optimize and track ad impressions, events, conversions, and clicks. No matter what’s the size of your advertising campaign, display advertising makes it easy for our clients to launch, manage, optimize, and track the results of the ad campaigns. With our useful and valuable features such as mass uploading, performance-focused optimization, and extensive targeting functionality, our clients experience success of advertising without playing with the time spent on planning and launching the campaign.

Interesting and Engaging Ad Formats

Companie Online offer an array of engaging and attractive advertising formats that will definitely attract audiences through the displayed banners and Rich Media. We maintain both standard and non-standard banner placements, static banners and Rich Media (which includes pop-ups, corner peels, pop-unders, expandable ads, interstitial ads etc.)

Effortless and Easy Campaign Management

Are you facing any issues with advertising campaigns? Come and contact us for an easy and effortless process. Companie Online ensure to make the process of launching and running advertising campaigns easy with the help of mass uploads, campaign import/export functionality, and automatic performance based optimization. When it comes to campaign management, we ensure to make the process smooth, easy and simple for our clients.

Video Ad Serving

We provide the best video ad serving platform to eliminate the complexity of video advertising with a fully integrated platform and easy-to-integrate video solutions that are designed for all types of publishers. To provide our clients the better result, we determine which video ads to display on accessible inventory, then manage and finally deliver the ads based on the predetermined campaign guidelines. Many publishers may work with multiple ad servers in order to sell different types of inventory such as display ads, mobile ads and video ads. Companie Online ensure that our clients have powerful video experiences with our ready-to-use in-stream and out-stream video formats that will reflect on different devices.

Enhance the Engagement Rate

We have years of experience in the ad formats that will definitely enhance the engagement rate. With high-performing video ad formats, flexible controls, and accurate analytics and insights, we make sure to deliver engagement driven results to our clients. We work with both linear ad (pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll) and non-linear ad (overlay) to let our clients be their engagement result-driven leaders.

Brilliant and Unparalleled Services

Companie Online has a complete sell-side video ad serving platform that includes campaign management, ad insertion and ad decisioning. Designed to enhance video ad CPMs, optimize sell-out rates and to maximize the entire available video ad inventory, we make sure that our every video fetch better performance result for our clients. With the help of CTR, conversion, and eCPM optimization, the performance of all video-ads and banners are analyzed which will set higher priorities for those ads that have shown augmented engagement rates and better conversion.

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