Increase Your Yield

Increase your reach with Companie Online Ad Exchange and boost your yield without any problems by integrating your DSP partners or choosing one of the 60+ built-in DSPs available at Companie Online Ad Server. Simply work on your ads and the inventory become more accessible to publishers and advertisers as a result

Real-Time Bidding

Make the programmatic buying process simpler by implementing Companie Online Ad Server RTB platform. Without any difficulty, set up integration with your partner Demand Side Platforms in order to start working with them directly. You can also choose to work with one of our 60+ DSP partners that include Index Exchange, TLV Media, Google DoubleClick, and so on.

Ad Exchange

Expand your reach and yield instantly by integrating your business with our ad exchange. We work with brands and site owners around the world, providing you access to publishers and advertising in all verticals. Ours is the perfect solution for surplus inventory.

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