Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice is introduced to explain, how user data may be collected to provide targeted advertising services for clients of Companie Online. We acknowledge the importance of information privacy and are committed to protecting the privacy of Internet users and fostering users' confidence in the Internet, Internet advertising and direct marketing, and has created this Privacy Notice statement.

1. Our Valuable Services

Companie Online is an ad serving platform and exchange that provides targeted advertising services to its clients or Partners. Whenever user visits a website operated by a Partner or any third party site or application where ads code from Companie Online is implemented, ads may be served and some data may be collected. That data helps to get the most relevant ads for the user.

2. Collected data

The following data and information may be collected from a user:

  • any activity on the website;
  • – IP address;
  • – date and time of visit;
  • – device and browser information;
  • – geographic info, based on IP address (to the city level)
  • – served ads data;
  • – data, received from other digital advertising networks;
  • – hashed email address;
  • – User ID assigned in our system.

Applications with embedded Companie Online's Android/iOS SDK also may gather IDFA/AAID and exact location, if it's allowed by application permissions.

This data is used in a non personal identifiable way for the purpose of ad serving operations only.

3. Information sharing

We don’t sell raw collected information to any third party. We may also disclose collected information to an authorized third party in connection with legal proceedings or with a sale of our business.
Aggregated anonymized information may be shared with third parties for reference, statistical or marketing reasons and other similar purposes.

4. Beacons and cookies

Companie Online may use cookies, tracking pixels and other similar beacon technologies to provide services to Partners.
Cookies are small data files stored on user's device that help to identify the same user's browser. Using cookies is common and prevalent practice in the ad industry. The following types of cookies may be employed by us:

  • cookies necessary for proper web site operation (e.g. authorization);
  • cookies gathering personally non-identifiable information on how people use Companie Online and tracking performance;
  • option and functionality choices storage to provide users with customized and relevant experience;
  • targeting and advertising data cookies for the purpose of advertising campaign tracking, serving targeted relevant ads and interest-based advertising.
  • Web Beacons are transparent small images or JavaScript codes. They are used to gather personally non-identifiable data on how visitors interact with sites, such as ad impressions, clicks on ads, and similar.

    5. Cookies and IDFA/AAID removal

    Cookies can be removed using privacy preferences in user's browser or application or using general system privacy settings (such as available in Android operating system, for instance). After that Companie Online will not be able to serve relevant targeted advertising and will continue serving general non-personalized ads.
    Please refer to browser instructions to decline the saving of cookies:

    • Chrome:
    • FireFox:
    • Safari:
    • Internet Explorer:

    Declining of cookie saving can affect normal site operation.
    For changing privacy settings on mobile devices please refer to the following instructions:
    • Android:
    • iOS:

    6. Companie Online cookies opt-out and behavioral advertising opt-out

    Cookies opt-out allows you to instruct Companie Online that you do not want to be assigned a unique user identification number. Opt-out means that a special cookie OPTOUT=1 is set for ad serving domain with expiration date in 2 years. This cookie will prevent Companie Online from setting any new cookie and clearing existing cookies after the next request to the ad server. Companie Online may still show ads to users who chose to opt-out from cookies. Companie Online's Partners may use several different ad serving domains, cookies opt-out means you need to opt-out for every ad serving domain. Companie Online's Partners are required to provide a tool to opt-out from all ad serving domains as a part of their respective Privacy Policy.
    To automatically opt-out from Companie Online Market cookies click this button opt-out
    To automatically opt-in for Companie Online Market cookies click this button opt-in
    In order to provide users with the most relevant ads Partners may cooperate with other ad networks which provide their own opt-opt tools. To opt-out from behavioral and interest-based advertising users may use services provided by Interactive Advertising Bureau and provided by Network Advertising Initiative.

    7. Security

    Companie Online applies reasonable measures to protect the collected data against accidental or unlawful destruction and loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, processing or access.
    Companie Online is a member of Interactive Advertising Bureau and complies with its highest industry standards on digital advertising, including user's privacy protection best practices.

    8. Changes

    Companie Online reserves the right to amend this Privacy Notice from time to time. Changes will be posted on this page.

    9. Partners

    Partners and ads publishers may collect additional data and information for their use, explained by respective privacy policies on their web sites.

    10. User Privacy Policy acknowledges the essentiality of information privacy for publishers, advertisers and networks. By using the site or its services users also consent to this Privacy Policy.

    a) Personal Data Receipt

    We require registration at from everybody who wants to gain access to the platform and use its features. The registration process presupposes providing personal information, including full name, contact details, etc. Any of this information may be used for Companie Online internal purposes only. Users' contact details will not be shared with, sold to or accessible to any third party, being used only for communication between a user and Companie Online administrators.

    b) Cookies

    Cookies are used to assign an anonymous and unique ID number to users when they view or login to our site. The cookie does NOT include user's name, address, phone number, e-mail address, or any other personally identifiable information. Cookies are relevant to our servers for recognizing the authorized users, so that users can browse the site without being repeatedly asked for authorization.

    c) User Information Preferences

    Each user of may update, edit or remove any personal information in the corresponding personal profile sections. never uses any of users' private data, except for the e-mail address in inner correspondence. Once collected, all private data will be stored safely for record keeping purposes.

    d) External links

    Our site contains links to external websites. Companie Online is not responsible for the privacy practices and content of such websites or applications (including widgets). Often links to other websites are placed at Companie Online for informative purposes only, to refer our users to topics they may find useful. Please remember that you browsing any other website, including the ones linked up to Companie Online, is subject to their own rules and policies. We deny responsibility for your interaction on other websites.

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