Mobile Ad Serving

Mobile Ad Server is an ad serving solution that facilitate in buying and selling of digital ad inventory specifically for Mobile Publishers and Advertisers, supported with enhanced features like Real Time Bidding and Precise Targeting to ensure maximum revenue generation for publishers. We cater to our clients with exceptionally feature-rich, convenient and easy-to-use ways to launch and manage mobile web, in-app and cross-platform advertising campaigns within a single user interface.

Our ad server supports all types of Ad Formats and delivers these on both mobile Web pages and Applications (in iOS & Android). It delivers ads in IAB standard ad sizes and adaptive to all types of mobile screen sizes for the best results and compatibility with different mobile devices.

Single Solution for Multi-channel Ad Delivery

Companie Online ensures the finest advertising results by assisting automatic performance-based optimization, enhancing the competence of inventory monetization and the success of budget allocation. We make certain that our clients would manage display, mobile, and in-app advertising within one solution to avoid hassle-free process. We have expertise in making large advertising campaigns with mass upload functionality to detailed targeting options for both display and mobile advertising simultaneously.

Powerful Engaging Ad Formats

You may know that for making your mobile advertising look more effective and engaging, you have to reach to the right place. So keeping this in mind, we provide our clients an array of engaging ad formats to aim targeted masses. We work with both standard banners and non-standard rich media formats such as corner peels, catfish ads, floating banners, interstitial ads, traveling ads, expandable header and footer banners etc. that will meet your requirements.

Simple Yet Smart In-app Ad Serving

We assist our clients to launch and manage effective in-app ad campaigns on iOS and Android devices through SDKs and more than 20 mobile-specific DSP partners available through Companie Online Server’s Real-time Bidding platform. Therefore, you can easily reach out to your targeted audiences by using in-app ads.

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